Instagram: Who Are We?


We’re members of the British Columbia Library Association Readers’ Advisory Interest Group! A bunch of us post on our Instagram account, and we usually even manage to initial our posts! Here’s a who’s who of posters, including links to their personal Instagram accounts (if they have one).


AC: Ana Calabresi

Ana enjoys reading literary fiction from all over the world, verse novels, stand-alone (literary and beautifully illustrated) graphic novels, memoirs and a little bit of non-fiction. She also loves listening to audiobooks while driving or doing chores around the house.

Instagram account: ana.calabresi



AF: Anna Ferri

Anna likes to read cultural studies, fantasy novels, popular science, and anything with a warped, magical take on our reality—plus a few graphic novels and some middle-grade palate cleansers. She’s just careening through her own wonky reading path.



AW: Alan Woo

Alan is a new librarian, co-founder of This Book is RAD which focuses on diversity in readers’ advisory, and is the author of the children’s book Maggie’s Chopsticks.

Instagram account: happywoo77



CR: Chloe Riley

Chloe is a newly-graduated, tea-drinking, story-loving librarian. She reads fantasy, science fiction, romance, graphic novels, travel narratives, YA and middle grade, and especially loves female-driven stories, LGBTQIA+ themes, and subverting expectations.



Jenny Fry photo FB
JF: Jenny Fry

“I have a life-long love of fantasy and science fiction (no zombies!). I read Canadian personal finance, humour, writing, self-help, science and technology, and mental health. I’ve also been reading some LGBTQ+ teen fiction, and dabbling in graphic novels.”


MM: Matthew Murray

When he’s not trying to read all of the comics ever Matthew spends his time making the fiction anthology zine Two-Fisted Librarians and playing with technology stuff.




MS: Meghan Savage

“I read literary fiction, dystopian stories, Canadian fiction, classics, thrillers/suspense, poetry, short stories, memoirs/biographies, and non-fiction that reads like a story. When I’m not reading on my SkyTrain commute, I enjoy trail running, hiking, and exploring this beautiful province.”

Instagram account: meghansavage


MW: Meghan Whyte

Genre strengths: Sci-fi/Fantasy, short stories

Genre weaknesses: Romance, Mystery, Bestsellers, Pop Science (that isn’t fitness related)

Reading likes: Kickass female characters, not having my hand held, evocative language, interesting ideas

Instagram account: maddog_running

TM: Tara Matsuzaki

Tara reads whimsical books and anything that sheds light on the human condition.




VMc: Virginia McCreedy

“I’m a fan of urban and dark fantasy. I love good horror and Scandinavian crime novels. My bookshelves also full of manga and kids’ books.”

Instagram account: virginiamccreedy