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A Reader’s Guide: British Columbia’s Literary Festivals

Vancouver Writers FestReaders all across British Columbia are busy scanning programs and buying tickets, brushing up on old books and devouring new ones. What’s all this preparation for you ask? Why it’s the season of Writers Festivals of course!

Book festivals are the ultimate night out for the reader. Imagine a chance to see several notable authors, peer under the fictional hood and maybe even exchange a word or two with someone you’ve only encountered on the back side of a dust jacket.

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival

Now, imagine that book festival taking place in Sechelt, along the Sunshine Coast or nestled in the Rockies at the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. British Columbia has an unparalleled line up of literary festivals ranging from intimate to international. To get you ready for the Fall, and  maybe even start planning for next year here is a list in chronological order of BC’s amazing writers’ festivals:

Or if you’d like something off the beaten track why not take a trip to the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival in late October? Or check out the Cinematheque’s Visible Verse Festival in Vancouver in October for a twist on the regular festival experience.

Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival

These festivals were gleaned from the Book and Periodical Council list of Canadian Literary Festivals and Canada Council for the Arts’ English Literary Festivals list.

We’d love for you to weigh in, which festivals have you been to? Which ones are missing from this list? Can you share a favourite literary festival memory?