BCLA Readers’ Advisory Interest Group on Hiatus

Dear BCLA members,

It is with much regret that we write to inform you that the BCLA Readers Advisory Interest Group is going on hiatus. The membership for this group has fallen dramatically over the past two years and with only a few members left and no co-chairs, we have decided to send this email as both an announcement and a call-out for anyone who might be interested in helping to resurrect the group.

The BCA Readers’ Advisory Interest Group [RAIG] is a community of library professionals and students in BC who are passionate about RA. We work to promote key library services and skills to connect adult readers with traditional and non-traditional collections throughout the province. We develop and promote adult readers’ advisory service in BC by:

  • Building readers’ advisory resources
  • Developing and facilitating a community of library professionals and library students with an interest in readers’ advisory
  • Promoting and advocating for readers and readers’ advisory
  • Recognizing excellence in readers’ advisory services



We will both be taking a step back from the group, but will remain active behind the scenes, i.e. on the Instagram account : https://www.instagram.com/bclaraig/

We would also gladly help anyone who is interested in taking over the group with the transition and can offer support if there are questions, etc.

We will remain the sole contacts for this group until someone else picks up the reigns.

Have a wonderful BCLA Conference next week! Hopefully some of you can get together and talk about Readers Advisory and may decide you want to be the one to save this group!


Thank you,

Stephanie and Alan

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