New(ish) Tool for Librarians & Readers: #askalibrarian

Here is a new tool for RA-minded librarians to participate in.  #AskaLibrarian is a Twitter chat project launched by Penguin Random House and Crown Publishing Group’s Read It Forward on November 11, 2015.  It occurs each Thursday from noon to 1:00 EST.

CbgnuGzW8AAzU6uThe main players are librarians, library patrons, library marketing reps, publishers and bookish people on Twitter. The basic concept is people seeking book recommendations post a message and one or more librarian(s) reply immediately with suggestions for titles.

What I love about this project is the large-scale combined with localized knowledge.  This is a great example of a successful collaboration between many geographically diverse librarians who are embedded in their local communities.  It is also interesting that publishers noticed the potential for librarians to provide this service on Twitter.

On its first time out, AskaLibrarian reached over one million people on Twitter, over 200 contributors joined in to generate over 600 tweets. The Twitter staffers behind the account @twitterbooks (which has over four million followers) has lent their support which will likely build momentum for this project.  Also supporting the project are the Library Journal book review editors who are encouraging librarians to participate.

All you need to join in is a Twitter handle and an hour of free time on Thursdays between noon and 1:00 EST.

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