2016 Reading Challenges

Reading is a solitary pursuit by nature unless you are at terrible cocktail party. This cocktail party would be full of people one-upping each other to see who is the most well-read. This cocktail party would have people saying “Yes but have you read Proust in the original French? In his original handwriting?”

I imagine that Norman Mailer is probably at their cocktail party.

At the end of this cocktail party, you would return home and never leave it.

But, reading needn’t be a solitary pursuit (cocktail parties and reading the choicest excerpts from “A is for Arsenic” to your roommate notwithstanding). Reading Challenges are a delightful way to make reading social, competitive (if you like), and expand your horizons.


So good


Here are some 2016 reading challenges to inspire you:

The 2016 Book Riot Read Harder Challenge gives readers 24 tasks to accomplish over the year (and a handy-dandy chart to keep track).

The #BustleReads challenge has 20 reading suggestion with a focus on reading women and people of colour.

The Goodreads challenge lets people set their own amount of books they want to read for the year. You also get an adorable widget.

POPSUGAR raises the bar for their 2016’s Ultimate Reading Challenge has a dizzying 40 challenges to complete over the year.

For those with a staggering pile of unread books by the bedside (and the coffee table and the kitchen table… and the crafting table), the Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2016 will force you to read the books that are ever threatening to take over your house.

Have any libraries out there issued their own library challenges? Or run a program with reading challenges for the year? Or challenged readers to make their own reading resolutions?

Happy reading in 2016!




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