One funny book cover with a mustache

We at Port Moody are a little late to the merchandising game, but this year, we finally got a set of display units for our entrance area to showcase our new books. That leaves us a nice feature book wall, plus a couple units to do some rotating displays.  

Verdict from staff: Book displays are awesome.

Made you talk

Movember Display at Port Moody Library

Starting a random chat with a stranger is hard, but not when you get to talk about books. We can talk about books forever, right? 

Book displays make it easier to engage a customer (and vice versa) and strike up a conversation. For example, ever since our Movember display went up, almost every desk shift I would have someone come up to me and say, “I was looking at your display over there and thought, ‘what a funny book cover. It’s got a mustache on it’, and then I looked over at the other books, and I realized, ‘wait a second, they all have mustaches on them. How fun!’”

The kids who walked by would make their parents wait until they finished touching every single mustache, giving me the chance to say, “Hey kids, want me to find some mustache books for you to take home?”

Make you look

Library stacks rarely change, so walking into the library can feel pretty routine sometimes. You know exactly where your “stuff” is and you head straight there.

Book displays offer something different, breaking people’s patterns and make them stop to see what’s new or changed at your library.  It is also delightful to see your favourite books highlighted. I know I feel like the library was personalized for me that day when I did saw this horror display for Halloween. Finally, something for me!

Horror Display at Halloween

Made you laugh

They laughed at this corny joke. I saw it. Well worth the effort making people smile, or roll their eyes in some cases.

I like Big Books and I cannot lie display

This display was an idea found on Pinterest (a treasure trove of merchandising ideas). “Big” was interpreted by some as “big” as in oversized and “big” as in War and Peace big by others.

By the way, according to our Twitter follower, the next line of the song is “Your other readers can’t deny”.

Yes, book displays also make excellent social media posts. 

Made you…confused?

Displays don’t always have to be logical, or restricted to a certain genre or topic. At least that’s our theory here. The funnest ones we have done are definitely random, but the advantage of “random” is that you can gather books from across the whole spectrum of your collection, highlighting all sorts of backlist titles. Something for everyone on your display: checked!

“I don’t know the name of the book but it’s [insert colour]” is an easy random display to do, also pretty to look at. Plus, you can mobilize the whole staff to find you books with that colour as they shelve or check books in.

Another one of our favourite is “Judge the book by its title”. 

Some Like it Hot Some Like It Cold

This display was inspired by a staff debate of whether the office was too cold or too hot. Remember this past summer with the unrelenting heat? (you know which side of that debate I was on) Well, the office’s AC was adjusted constantly, fans were turned on and off on a daily basis, people complained and others countered. So our verdict: Let’s agree to disagree.

See more blog posts on displays, and don’t miss your library’s Black Friday deals, extended all week just for you.

Black Friday display

Virginia McCreedy
Port Moody Public Library



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