RA in a Day Genre Guides

Every year at our RA in a Day workshop we run “Speed-Dating Through the Genres”, brief ten-minute long presentations about various genres of books. The presenters also create printable guides to the genres, which you can find right here on our website! We now have almost twenty different genres covered, so check them out!

This year we added four new genres, the handouts and presentations for which you can find below. Thanks to the presenters who created these guides and presentations!

Classics for English Language Learners by Anna Ferri

Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic Fiction by Sarah Dearman

Feminist Memoirs by Stephanie Hong

Personal Finance by Jenny Fry

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Matthew recently completed his MLIS at the University of British Columbia School of Library, Archival & Information Studies in Vancouver, Canada. He currently spends his time acting as webmaster for the BCLA Readers' Advisory Interest Group and ASIS&T's Digital Libraries special interest group, content editing for the graphic novel review site No Flying No Tights, and organizing gaming and zine related events for American Library Association conferences. He's the editor of the fiction anthology zine Two-Fisted Library Stories, and is really into Raspberry Pi computers and maker stuff in general.

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