Library Reads: Sharing the book love far & wide

If you have not investigated this superb book promotion machine from south of the border, I recommend spending a bit of time with the grassroots and volunteer-run Library-Reads-Logo-Color LibraryReads.

What is it?

LibraryReads is a monthly list of the top ten books that librarians (across the U.S.) love all wrapped up in downloadable marketing materials.

The goals of LibraryReads are simple. First, connecting librarians’ favourite books to as many readers as possible; and second, showcasing the influence of public librarians in building buzz for new books and creating audiences for authors of every stripe.

How is the list determined, and what is the nomination process?

The ten books that are nominated the most become the monthly list. The book with the most nominations is #1. Any U.S. public library employee who loves to read and is passionate about discovering and sharing wonderful books can participate by nominating their favourite forthcoming title.

Can we Canadians contribute?

No, LibraryReads selects U.S. editions of titles and their partnerships are with U.S. divisions of companies.

There’s More!

LibraryReads is easy to share. Beyond their print bookmarks and flyers, they have beautifully organized Pinterest boards and they are on Tumblr.

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