The Best Hashtag in Libraryland

The best books list generated by librarians on Twitter is an annual highlight for bookish librarians like me. And yes, #libfaves14 is my favorite hashtag in the library corner of the Twitterverse. I love collaborating with our colleagues across North America on this project. Publishers, authors and other book-lovers also add their two cents.

Here’s how it plays out. Librarians tweeted the top 10 books they read in 2014 starting on December 1st with number ten and ending on December 10th with their number one favourite book. Each tweet included the hashtag #libfaves14.

2014 was the fourth year of this crowd-sourcing, professional Readers Advisory sharing exercise.  It was created by Stephanie Chase, Robin Beerbower and Linda Johns in 2011.  This year Janet Lockhart, Vicki Nesting, Melissa Samora and Gregg Winsor provided vote-counting labour.

The Early Word reported on #libfaves14 and collected the tweets together in Storify transcripts:  Days 1 through 7, Day 8, Day 9 and Day 10.  Many of the tweets are excellent examples of how to recommend books in 140 characters.

Following along is a good way to learn about titles to recommend. Be forewarned that your “to be read” list may lengthen. I was persuaded to read Jacqueline Woodson’s brown girl dreaming from this #libfaves14 recommendation:


The resulting list is collected in a spreadsheet linked on The Early Word here. The list is a great collection development tool – librarians read and love a wide range of books.

Here is my #libfaves14 Best Books of 2014 list.

Mark your 2015 calendar to tweet your #libfaves15 starting on December 1st. I’d love to see your picks!

3 thoughts on “The Best Hashtag in Libraryland

  1. Chloe

    Making book recommendations on twitter is definitely an art form! It’s great to see so many people joining in the conversation. Thanks for adding to my to-read pile, Tara. 🙂


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