Book Clubs and Book Club Kits

Like most libraries, we  have book club kits. Ours are held in Rubbermaid totes with 10 copies (9 print and 1 mp3). We also include a duo tang that includes information such as how to run a successful book club, some general questions that could be used for any book club, and some information about the author. We also have questions that are specific to the book in the kit. Patrons are allowed a six week sign out time period, and the kit must be returned whole, not in individual parts (although this DOES happen). The kits are INCREDIBLY popular, especially in the fall months when book clubs are starting up.  Some book clubs seem to plan the whole year and decide on which book they will do every month. As it is not always possible to “guarantee” a kit will exist when patrons want it, we often have to encourage patrons to make other choices – just in case.

Book Club Sets Printable revised 2014 Oct.

In Kamloops we have three book clubs with extremely loyal members. Two run from Sept – Apr. The third runs from Jan – Apr. Each club has a different leader. We do not like to exceed about 12 people per group, but we do try to accommodate. This year we had so many people wanting to join that we had to turn people away. Although unfortunate, it is encouraging to know that  people truly do want this type of programming. Now our lab technician is starting up an eBook club where patrons will borrow a pre-loaded Kobo. Maybe there are other opportunities – such as bringing book clubs into seniors housing  with large print and audio in them? Do any of your libraries do anything like this? I would love to have some ideas. We have also had requests for graphic novel bookclubs. Has anybody had success with this?

Posted by Audrey Ambrus at TNRD Library

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