On Trend Displays

If you’re a fan of the Daily Show or the Colbert Report, chances are that you’ve heard of Last Week Tonight with former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver. This new show is on HBO, and so goes beyond the limitations set on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report by regular network television in terms of how far they can go and what they can say. John Oliver has created a hilarious, at times ruthless, look at American and world politics that is edgy, clever, and getting increasingly popular. So, it was with great delight that I recently saw a post on twitter from Medford Public Library of a display that incorporated a great bit from a recent episode:#gogetthosegeckos

#gogetthosegeckos was a hash tag that Oliver used to get people to jokingly protest the Russian government’s space program which recently sent 5 geckos into space to study their mating habits and then lost contact with the shuttle (see this article for more details). Oliver’s hash tag campaign went instantly viral and people all over the world were participating with the show. (In a recent update, all five geckos on the ship died when the shuttle finally made it back to Earth L.)

Jokes aside, this display is a great way to incorporate pop culture and trending topics into our own libraries. For people who don’t know anything about Last Week Tonight, this will prompt questions and curiosity about library displays and what is going on at the library. For those that do, we’ve made a connection and shared in the joke. It demonstrates a sense of humour, fun, and an awareness of pop culture that I think are great qualities to showcase to our respective communities. It also helps the library connect with those in their early 20’s, a demographic we may struggle to reach. Sharing it on social media is a great way to promote our own cleverness, too. In fact, this tweet was shared with me by a friend who does not use the library, but who enjoyed the display enough to retweet it to me.

Do you have an example of a cool, trendy library display, or have an idea for one? Please share it in the comment section below!

Sarah Dearman – Information Services Librarian at Fraser Valley Regional Library

1 thought on “On Trend Displays

  1. Thomas Quigley - Vancouver

    Good for Medford PL. Just want to say that a current events tie-in (even from just looking out the window to see the weather (yes Calgary PL, I mean you!) is a great way to grab library patrons’ attention. And topics don’t have to always be funny or neutral. Disasters, tragedies can also be handled in a current events display in a respectful and positive way. Think 9/11 attacks, for example.


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