Staff SRC (why should kids have all the fun this summer?)

I started a Staff SRC for the summer – and I think I’ll do it every summer. I invited all Surrey Libraries staff to participate and got 40 people signed up. I asked people to fill out a small form for their name, what kinds of books they were passionate about (i.e. topic or genre) and which topics or genres they wanted to explore. My colleague and I matched up everyone twice: you get one person that you’ll make 2-3 title suggestions to, and then you’ll get another person who will suggest 2-3 titles for you to read over the summer.

And there are prizes, of course….a draw for a $20 Chapters gift card for joining, and a draw for another $20 Chapters gift card when you submit a short-but-sweet book review for the SL book blog.

Most participants are regular or on-call librarians and library technicians – although we’ve got a very high participation rate from Library Administration.  We do have participation from every department in the system.

Staff SRC runs until Labour Day.

Have you done anything similar at your branch or in your system?  How did it go?

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