The Book to Art Club from The Library as Incubator Project

logoI had the opportunity to attend the American Library Association Conference in sunny Las Vegas last week and was able to attend a number of sessions related to Readers’ Advsiory, programming, and marketing.

I attended a session called “Out-of-the-Box Book Clubs to Banish the Boring” and was intrigued to learn about The Library as Incubator Project, a project spearheaded by former UW-Madison School of Library and Information Studies students Erinn Batykefer, Laura Damon-Moore, and Christina Jones. “The mission of the Library as Incubator Project is to promote and facilitate creative collaboration between libraries and artists of all types, and to advocate for libraries as incubators of the arts.” They even have a book out: The Artist’s Library: A Field Guide.

One of the programs under the Library as Incubator Project that they discussed is The Book to Art Club in which people meet to discuss a book and work on an art project inspired by the book. The idea to to find hands-on, creative ways to engage with literature in which the process of making the art is more important than the final product.

At Madison Public Library in Wisconsin,  Laura Damon-Moore leads her Book to Art Club on a Sunday afternoon for 2 hours. She asks participants to read the book ahead of time and to bring the art supplies they need to work on the art as they discuss the book. She also provides a few art supplies.

One of the books discussed was The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Art projects for this dicussion included watercolour painting, embroidery, pressed flowers, paper flowers, and flower dictionaries.

Follow Book to Art:

Have you tried something similar at your library?


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