Reading Wildly! How do you promote Readers’ Advisory in your workplace?

A colleague brought this article to my attention at our recent BCLA RA Interest Group meeting–it’s about a Children’s Librarian named Abby Johnson who has “developed the Reading Wildly program to inspire [her] staff to read different genres and improve their readers’ advisory skills.” Every month, a genre is assigned and staff members are asked to read one book in that genre that they then book-talk to their co-workers at a meeting. Genre-lists are created based on the recommendations and staff have reported increased confidence when recommending books to patrons. Check out the American Libraries article to see how it has worked.

This idea may be more of a challenge for Adult Services Librarians when considering book length! Check out Abby’s personal blog for more information. This month, the genre assigned was Sports Books, as seen in her image below.

Has your library attempted something similar in an effort to improve staff readers’ advisory skills and encourage reading wildly?

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