Did Banned Books Week pass you by? Never fear, there’s always Freedom to Read Week!


This week is Banned Books Week (Sept 22-28) and I must confess that I did not put together a display at my library! I’m so used to celebrating Freedom to Read Week in the spring that Banned Books Week often catches me off guard. (Mark your calendars for Freedom to Read Week Feb 23-March 1, 2014).

That said, I’m always game to include challenged or banned books as part of ANY display or reader recommendation. Looking at the titles of the most popular banned books of 2012, I realized that I’ve already recommended the number one banned book in the US of 2012 to a mother and her son this week: The Adventures of Captain Underpants. My Spooky Reads display in anticipation of Halloween has Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories front and centre (see Banned Book #8).

Grab some caution tape, chains, brown paper, and even a bird cage or two if you have them lying around, then grab a few challenged titles, and voila! You still have two days to whip up that awesome display. (Why not declare Banned Books Season?) Check out ALA’s Display Ideas for Banned Books Week for inspiration.

I’d love to hear about the displays and programs that you’ve developed for Banned Books or Freedom to Read Week this year or in previous years. Please leave a comment below!

I found this display image on a blog–it’s certainly attention-grabbing!

banned books body

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