Why should kids have all the fun? – Adult SRC

SRC_Web_Graphic_adult_smallIt’s summer and the sticker-seeking Lilliputians are heading to the public libraries in droves. Many libraries have also incorporated an adult component to their
traditional Summer Reading Clubs for kids and teens. It doesn’t need to be elaborate – at the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam we started several years ago with a homemade reading record made in Word and some donated book prizes.
Today it is system-wide in FVRL, but still maintains the “simple is
better” approach. You just need a reading record – ours adapt the
provincial children’s theme and use a very basic calendar. Patrons just mark
off the days they’ve read, and once a week they can enter a draw. ASRC reading record inside 2

The prizes are all put together by the local branches, and don’t need to be expensive,
just appealing. Some branches give the adults little stickers – it seems silly,
but even in your grown-up heart, you know you want someone to give you a gold
star! ASRC prize basket

The best part is, it’s an easy add-on to our existing SRC program – just offer the adults a reading record at the same time they are signing up their kids. We’ve found it’s also easy to administer from the Circ counter if your Information Desk is flooded with
children at this time of year. This year we have also added a Facebook app

ASRC facebook app

and put supporting reading lists in our BiblioCommons catalogue.

Best of all, it is another avenue to start those RA conversations. We’d love to hear what others are doing with their clubs.

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