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When you have over six hundred titles on offer but are located in a low-traffic area, what do you do to bring magazines and patrons together?  Here at the Central Branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library, we have implemented a number of different marketing strategies to promote our magazine collection to the public and help people find their next great magazine:

“Magazine of the Month”
Each month a new title is chosen and a display created to help highlight titles that are unique or that patrons may not know about. Who knew there was a magazine devoted just to stain glass windows? The title is announced through the library’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

Cross-Promotional Shelf Signage
As a way of drawing patrons to the magazine department while browsing the bookshelves, we created cross-promotional signs. These simple “If you like…” signs that let a patron know that the library also has magazines on the subject they are looking for and if they like a particular magazine, others that exist on the same subject. These signs are located both on the magazine shelves (the magazines are shelved alphabetically rather than by subject) and throughout the main book collection.

“Staff Picks”
With so many titles to choose from, sometimes it’s nice to have someone offer some suggestions. These magazines are displayed in clear plexiglass holders at the end of one of the magazine shelves and are for browsing in library or checking out.

If they are relevant to the subject, magazines are included in book displays.  There is also a magazines display cart located in a more high-traffic location with a sign directing people to the Magazine Department for more great titles.

To make the department a little more colourful and to bring attention to a selection of different titles, colour photocopies of magazine covers have been made. These are displayed on the shelf ends in the Magazine Department and on the magazine shelves themselves. There is also a beautiful selection of classic Vogue covers displayed behind the Magazine Desk to remind people of our selection of back issues available.

Who said you only have to promote books during a friendly Booksmack? This is a great way we showcase our magazine collection.

There is nothing we love more than highlighting our collection and helping people find a great new magazine or something similar to a title to which they’re already loyal. While the periodicals landscape has been changing in the past few years, we have found the interest in magazines has not diminished and, in fact, as greater demands are placed on people’s time, magazines are finding increased readership. So what magazine will you read next?

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L. Beauchemin & P. Nestoruk, Magazines & Newspapers Clerks, GVPL

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