More Marketing Resources from Monique Sherrett

Our fabulous panelist from the BCLC, Boxcar Marketing‘s Monique Sherrett, has posted an awe-inspiring collection of marketing resources, tailored specifically to librarians. Thank you Monique!!

Check out the post here.

In a move crafted to warm any librarian’s heart, she has organized the resources into the following categories:  Online Marketing, PR, Retail & Merchandising, Email marketing and writing for the web, Mobile and web design, Analytics and data reporting, Big Thinkers, and Online marketing Training.

A few of my faves so far include,, and Karen McGrane’s video on adapting to adaptive content.

Thanks again to Monique for not only being an inspiring panelist on May 10th, but providing us with some awesome post-game resources.

–Heidi Schiller, NVCL

2 thoughts on “More Marketing Resources from Monique Sherrett

    1. nvcllibrarian Post author


      Here’s a little secret I really SHOULD NOT reveal: I am not totally comfortably familiar with Dewey, so your scheme is much appreciated! 🙂



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