Reminder! … Submit A Challenging RA Question For a Chance to Win $30 in Coffee or Books (and To Benefit All Us RA Ponderers!)

Image courtesy of Drab Makyo (Flickr)

Image courtesy of Drab Makyo (Flickr)

Hi everyone! A reminder to submit any challenging Reader Advisory (RA) questions you’ve had come your way to us at the BCLA Readers Advisory Interest Group. We are collecting these questions for upcoming events and other RA professional development initiatives. Your questions (and preferably answers as well!) would not only benefit us all. …

Prizes for coffee and books await you!!

Is there a stumper you remember, a question that came from left field, challenging and maybe even intriguing you?

Please submit your questions by April 15th, 2013 for a chance to win 1 of 3 gift cards  to Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, or Chapters.

Questions will be submitted into a draw for a chance to win of one of these $30 gift cards!

To submit your questions, reply in the comments field below this post, send a message to our brand new email address, head over to our Facebook page, or create a video clip starring you and your colleagues dramatizing your challenging question. Post your video file to our Facebook page or upload it to YouTube. In the case of the latter, please send us the link.

 We’d love to see your questions! 

Those entries already sent, thank you! They will be included in the draw. 

4 thoughts on “Reminder! … Submit A Challenging RA Question For a Chance to Win $30 in Coffee or Books (and To Benefit All Us RA Ponderers!)

  1. librovia

    Set in London England during the 1960s or 70s, features a young woman who has a few boyfriends AND a hunky male housekeeper. A cat burglar falls through her skylight, they fall in a love, pregnancy ensues and she and the housekeeper live (platonically?) happily ever after. Now I read this book ages ago and while I was at NVDPL, a patron described it to me and I could not recall title or author. Every year the patron would ask me again if I remembered and I never have. A decade later and another library system and I am still wondering. Does it ring any bells??

    Btw- the book sounds like pap but I recall that it was well written, funny and poignant. For many years I too longed for a skylight and a hunky housekeeper.
    Olivia Anderson , GVPL

  2. Meghan

    I just received 2 general questions from one of my book club members on Tuesday.
    1) She wants to read books about kids growing up in 1970s communes (fic or non fic)–Arcadia by Lauren Groff seems like a potential fit
    2) Any fiction in which new technology features prominently (ie. text messages). This seems to be more common for teen reads such as TTYL by Lauren Myracle


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