Submit Your Tough RA Questions (For Mutual Benefit & A Chance to Scoop Up A $30 Gift Card for Books Or Coffee!)

A reminder to all that The Readers’ Advisory Interest Group is collecting challenging real-life RA questions. We have all likely had a stumper that had us thinking outside the proverbial box and from which we gained our own valuable insights on the range of readers’ advisory tools out there – some we may’ve never thought of before that question came along.

The questions will be of benefit to us all.  We plan to use these questions at our upcoming events and as part of other readers’ advisory professional development initiatives.

Please send us tough RA questions you have been asked by April 15th, 2013. Even better if you include the answer! Coffee and books await three lucky question entries! …

Image courtesy of Drab Makyo (Flickr)

Image courtesy of Drab Makyo (Flickr)

Questions will be entered into a draw and three lucky entries will be drawn for a $30 gift card each to Tim  Horton’s, Starbucks, and Chapters.

To submit your questions, reply in the comments field below this post, send a message to our brand new email address, head over to our Facebook page, or create a video clip starring you and your colleagues dramatizing your challenging question. Post your video file to our Facebook page or upload it to YouTube. In the case of the latter, please send us the link.


 We look forward to seeing your questions! 

Those entries already sent, thank you! They will be included in the draw!

4 thoughts on “Submit Your Tough RA Questions (For Mutual Benefit & A Chance to Scoop Up A $30 Gift Card for Books Or Coffee!)

  1. Phillippa Brown

    Had a good one a while ago from a mother looking for books that “changed lives” for a teen boy. Turned out the ‘boy’ was 18 and she wanted (I think after long conversation) fiction someone had read and claimed had change their lives “just off the top of my head”. I’m afraid I let the side down as she wouldn’t wait for me to ask colleagues and get their responses.

    1. nvcllibrarian

      Thanks for the submission Phillippa! Sheesh… “just off the top of your head.” Don’t you love it when patrons assume you know everything about every book just because you work in a library?!
      -Heidi Schiller

  2. Laedee Chai Post author

    That’s definitely a tough spot to be in Phillippa, certain a lot of us can relate to this experience! Thanks a lot for submitting this, it is a tough one indeed!.


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