Webinar Professional Development Opportunities from the OLA’s Education Institute

Need some new programming ideas for your library? Want to know more about the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) to better serve patrons with print disabilities? Thinking about how to better implement Roving Reference?

These are only 3 of many professional development questions addressed in the webinars offered by the Ontario Library Association’s Education Institute. If you haven’t registered in any yet, these learning opportunities are being offered through the remaining days of February and into March.

Amongst the topics covered over the next month are:

  • readers’ advisory
  • some of the latest on Goodreads
  • understanding QR Codes
  • screencasting
  • using Digital Scrapbooks in libraries

There’s still time to enrol. Check out the Education Institutes’s Winter 2013 Calendar for more information.

2 thoughts on “Webinar Professional Development Opportunities from the OLA’s Education Institute

  1. Joy Huebert

    I have a lovely elderly reader who needs books set in Britain in the 1950s. I give her Barbara Pym, H.E. Bates, V.S. Pritchet, Winston Graham and others like these. The British writers of this time are great storytellers and stylists and I’m afraid they will be lost over time.

    1. Laedee Chai Post author

      Joy, thanks for sending this in! Wondering if you used Novelist and/or other tools to expand the selection of authors you could offer her. This type of question speaks to initiatives of keeping historical fiction alive (particularly of authors who aren’t as widely known)!


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