Welcome to RA in a Half Day!

After being warmly welcomed by Jenny Fry, Co-Chair of the Readers’ Advisory Interest Group, and thanking Library Bound for making today possible we got started with the keynote speaker Sean Cranbury. Sean’s background in independent bookselling and publishing lead him to create Books on the Radio.  This blog became a hub for other projects, including the Advent Book Blog and the Real Vancouver Writers’ Series and several other online book-talking communities.

With a rallying cry of “Libraries are Awesome!” Sean’s presentation (which can be found here) discusses why libraries are uniquely positioned to “be in the place, where people are, who are interested in the things you do.” Libraries have a physical space, internet access, local connection, not to mention expertise on great books! They can use blogs as hubs, and then target their audiences through channels like Facebook and Twitter. Sean emphasized how valuable these tools are because they can provide opportunities to measure online activity and interaction. So, share openly and globally, provide opportunities for interaction and archive! His final challenge to the librarians gathered was can libraries host robust and civil online discussions on books and reading with policies to support this? Stay tuned to RA in a Half Day to find out!

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