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One of life’s biggest tragedies has to be the fact that we are not able to read every book we’d like to. In fact, we can’t even come close.

I’m constantly doing “book triage” with the multiple holds that come in all at once. I know you can relate. For example, right now I must decide between Junot Diaz’s new book, two Booker Prize finalists, Alix Ohlin’s Inside, Emily Schultze’s The Blondes, and The People of Forever Are Not Afraid, by Shani Boianjiu – not to mention the two professional tomes I really should be reading. Sound familiar?

Because of this conundrum, I have found several book blogs exceedingly helpful in staying abreast of the buzz around certain titles I just can’t get to, and I’m going to share them here:


 The Early Word Blog: This blog’s tagline reads the publisher librarian connection, and I find it invaluable for keeping up to date on what’s new and buzzworthy in fiction, nonfiction and YA. The posts are snappy, short and dense with info. The blog’s major downfall is that it is very U.S. centric.  If you only bookmark or subscribe to one of these blogs, I’d suggest you make it this one.


Flavorwire’s and Vulture’s Book Sections: These are not traditional blogs, but you can subscribe to their Books feeds. These blogs are where I go for quirky publishing anecdotes and interesting news about literature and authors, with a decidedly pop culturish bent. I use them more for inspiration for my own blog posts, as well as a good source to find fun things to re-post on my library’s Facebook page, usually along with a question to engage fans.


Quill and Quire’s Quillblog: Lots of Canadian-centric book, library and publishing info. Also includes roundups of local literary events in various Canadian cities.


Reading Matters and KevinfromCanada blogs: Book reviews of mainly new releases with a Canadian bent. Right now, these two bloggers are engaged in the Shadow Giller Jury, an unofficial group of Canadian book bloggers who announce their own Giller winner the night before the awards ceremony. Sounds fun, right?

CBC Book Portal: Also not a traditional book blog, but you can add the book portal to your RSS feed and get regular post updates. I find many of the reviews of recently published Canadian fiction helpful.


So what did I miss? What are your favourite book blogs?

— Heidi Schiller


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5 thoughts on “Book Blogs

  1. emerge

    I am trying to write my own book blog, but there’s too much to read! I had to comment here to say that I read and LOVED Inside – it went really quickly, but not TOO quickly – and also loved her Signs and Wonders. I’m currently LISTENING to This Is How You Lose Her, read by JD himself, which could not possibly be better in print form. Now, if only we could both read and listen to books at the same time, so much tragedy could be averted. Ah well, at least one can listen and knit.

    Oh, and I just saw Emily Schultz last night at the Toronto IFOA, and now I want to read The Blondes, too. But I have cut myself off from further purchases, after the IFOA made me acquire The Purchase, Malarky, Dear Life (in lieu of seeing her talk, when it was cancelled), The Blue Book, Mr. Penumbra, and a whole bunch of others I accidentally picked up at the 2nd-hand store. Umm…

    1. emerge

      Also: these are not so much blogs per se, but I love the podcasts of the book shows on CBC (Writers & Company in particular, but also The Next Chapter), KCRW (Bookworm – toppest notch) and KUCI (Writers on Writing).

    2. nvcllibrarian Post author

      Emily… I know what you mean! But you should still go for it. And let us know the URL of your blog once it’s up and running! Sounds like you have great taste in books. 😉


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